Negotiating for Results

Vistage International¬†expert resource speaker Jack Kaine was in Tucson for two days speaking to CEO’s and senior executives from some great companies. Jack presents a very interesting take on how to get the upper hand in a negotiation without fighting or arguing to get it.

First his definition of negotiation, which is interesting in itself. It should hit home if you are in business, are married or in a committed relationship, or have kids. “Any time two or more people are exchanging information with the intent of changing the relationship they are negotiating.”

Jack’s Five Rules for a Successful Negotiation

  1. The person who speaks first sets the tone.
  2. The person who asks the most questions determines the content and direction of the negotiation.
  3. Never argue.
  4. People do things for THEIR reasons.

Some corollaries that were really worth considering.

  1. Don’t negotiate with yourself.
  2. If you are negotiating with a bargainer, don’t make the first concession
  3. If you are negotiating with a bargainer, don’t make the 2nd or 3rd concession.
  4. Don’t make a concession without adding new information.
  5. Don’t argue over who gets the bigger piece; make a bigger pie with bigger portions for everyone.
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