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When’s the Last Time Your Ego Got in Your Way

Can you remember the last time your ego got in the way of a good decision, a successful sales call, a challenging conversation with a good employee or perhaps a discussion with a spouse or child? It happens often enough … Continue reading

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What Can We Learn from the Founding Fathers About Holding Great Meetings

In a great Fast Company article, Mark McNeilly talks about what we can learn from the founding fathers about holding productive meetings when the participants are diverse with equally diverse interests. In his introduction he states: “Consider this: meeting for … Continue reading

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Do You Know Your Company’s “Make or Break”

Dan Barnett, former COO of ┬áVistage International and former CEO of Van de Kamps Seafood is one of Vistage International’s most sought after resource speakers. Some time ago Dan spoke to our local Vistage CEO group on his topic of … Continue reading

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What Lessons Can You Learn from Sam the Banana Man?

Samuel Zemurray, known to friend and foe alike as Sam the Banana Man, made his first fortune in “ripes,” bananas that the big fruit traders considered too mature to reach market in time for sale. Their rule of thumb was … Continue reading

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