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What Your Employees Don’t Know Will Hurt You

In discussions with Tucson Vistage CEO’s the discussion often turns to the question of how much company financial information to share with employees. The answer differs between companies, and even within divisions of each company. This article in today’s Wall … Continue reading

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Futurist David Houle on How Business Leaders Should Prepare for Success in the Next Decade

Houle calls 2010-2020 the “Transformation Decade,” during which businesses will need to leave 20th century business principles behind and adapt to the changing global economy or risk becoming less competitive. According to Houle, qualities business leaders need to have during … Continue reading

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How to Retain Four Generations of Workers

Today’s workforce consists of four generations, each with a different set of goals, aspirations and values. Veterans. Born prior to 1946, this generation makes up 7.5 percent of the current workforce. They value hard work, responsibility and rank/status. Baby Boomers. Born between … Continue reading

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Handling Traumatic Events in the Workplace

When we employ lots of people, stuff happens. Get some useful tips on when it does. Handling Traumatic Events in the Worplace

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