How Do You Stack Up Against 14,000 Other Small and Mid-Size CEO’s?

Vistage International hosts a membership of 14,000 CEO’s company  Presidents, Business Owners and Senior Executives. Each quarter we survey them to garner their take on the economy, their plans for hiring and capital spendign, and expansion, and their general confidence that that things will improve, or not. Rather than expecting  renewed economic downturn, the majority of CEO’s surveyed anticipated a stagnating economy–growth too slow to support robust gains in employment or investment, along with lower revenue and profits.


  • Half of all firms are worried about data security.
  • More than half of all CEO’s surveyed our holding back on permanent hires.
  • More than half expect flat or declining prices
  • In terms of how government can help business, the majority of respondents want government to open new markets through trade agreements.

Check out the latest results. With a sample this size, the results are worth paying attention to.

Vistage CEO Confidence Index

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