To Learn Something New–Try Spending Time with Others Companies

The most innovative ideas often come from crossing boundaries. So if you want to learn new things this year, try spending time at other smart companies – even those outside of your industry. Learning directly from other companies is a useful, underutilized form of research for finding ways to improve performance. Venture out to see other firms or invite another organization to visit yours. By taking the time to visit other companies, you’ll have the chance to see how other organizations do their work and approach problem-solving. You’ll see how peers set goals, find ways of achieving them, and measure performance. Encouraging visits from other companies can also help connect you to possible future employees. It lets the frontline staff serve as tour guides, thereby honing their communication and presentation skills. And it shows off what you can do.

Fortunately, our Tucson Vistage groups provide precisely this opportunity for 40 fortunate local executives…every month!

Adapted from “Learning New Things Means Getting Up From Your Desk” by Brad Power.

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