SEO for CEO’s Made Simple

As the CEO you’re probably not directly responsible for optimizing your company website for search engines. You may want to know just enough to know if the people who are responsible are doing a good job of it. One way is of course to search yourself on the words you think your prospective clients might be using to look for companies like yours. For The Leader’s Edge we want to capture searchers who are looking for Business Coaching or Executive Coaching.

Another method is to take a look at your landing page and check for THBLI. Check for what? If I want to capture prospective clients, they would be searching for items related to Business Coaching.

T–Does your webpage have a TITLE that would be relevant to searchers? Our Title is Business Coaching.

H–Does your webpage have a HEADLINE that would be relevant to searchers?

B–Does your webpage have a BLOG with entries that would be relevant to searchers?

L–Does your webpage have LINKS that would be relevant to searchers?

I–Does your webpage have IMAGES with names relevant to searchers?



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