Hire the Best, Fire the Rest and Stay Out of Court


In December we are privileged to host Vistage Speaker Hunter Lott. Here’s a brief description of his presentation.

In this highly interactive program, Hunter Lott blends employment practices, humor, and the law to simplify and make practical the answers to some of today’s toughest management issues.


  • Hire and Fire for “ATTITUDE”
  • Streamline your DOCUMENTATION
  • Evaluate your potential for lawsuit
  • Stay out of COURT

Issues are covered from a very practical point of view, giving concrete examples of how to overcome the frustration of dealing with employment law and still growing the business. Lott’s ability to mix these examples with humor and a working knowledge of employment law make this an informative and fast-paced presentation.

Value to Members: Members will leave with an ability to audit their own businesses for risky practices and cut through the clutter of employment law to improve harmony and productivity. Included is a review of handbooks, a number of sample policies, a summary of key legal issues, tools to think like an outsider along with solutions to nagging HR frustrations.

Biography: Hunter Lott is a partner in HCap International, publisher of the upcoming Please Sue Me series and owner of HRonCall, an outsource HR support service. For more than 18 years, Lott has given over 4,000 presentations to more than 100,000 managers and owners across the United States.


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