Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Vistage

Explore an two-decade long journey with Tim McCarthy as he looks back on lessons learned in his Vistage membership in his new book, “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Vistage.”

From his web page.

“The maverick entrepreneur in me back in 1995 lacked process in all things.  It was so bad that one associate asked what our training program was and I said, “three words: figure it out”.  It took years of Vistage speakers and peer pressure for me to learn this but now I know:  Process precedes success.  My business was always creatively successful, but Vistage allowed me to become financially successful.”

“When I started with Vistage in 1995, my company had annual revenues of $2 million, 14 employees, was named to the INC. 500, and lost money. That year, my wife and I had been together 20 years and our children were 11, 15, and 16. I paid myself $48,000 in what was my seventh year in business. Since then, my first business was sold into private equity for $45 million.  I’ve started another three businesses and a foundation, and between them we manage about $60 million in assets.  Our three children are all married and all are running their own businesses … Alice and I have now made it 38 years together and we have two grandchildren. Most importantly, I’m happier than I ever dreamed I could be.  I have health, love of family, and an incredible fortune.  And daily, I live my dream of serving those who serve the poor, the focus of our foundation, The Business of Good.”

Learn more about Tim’s journey at http://bit.ly/1ld9tOc


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